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Acid Paradox - Prime EP Previe Acid Paradox - Prime EP Previe

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is just fucking brilliant.
It's only a preview so I can't be bothered to nitpick. So, have all my fives.
Looking forward to the full product!


NM - Into That (WIP) NM - Into That (WIP)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Repetitiveness is a big problem.

Intro is a thumping kick with an arp/sequence in the background, very bland, and irritating after awhile.
0:55, finally, the song changes, took its time. Still, it's just a low bass in the background, does nothing to make the song less repetitive.
1:22, change, using the beginning arp with a bunch of pads. The arp is getting really annoying at this point. And then it cuts off, woo.
2:00 sets the mood for a darker, creepier song, I like the background lead/whatever in the background.
And then the thumping kick comes in again, and then after awhile, the song suddenly ends.

Alright, biggest problems? Repetitiveness is one, lack of variation is another. The kick needs a bit of fixing too. I think the start of the song should be the pads with the background saw, but thats just me (I prefer to listen to ambient pieces.) Still, it's your piece. It's nice, but nothing too interesting or attention grabbing.
Keep making music, you'll do better with time.


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NanvanNoord responds:

Thanks for the review.
The pluck (arp) may be disturbing indeed.
The kick and the bass need a bit work, too.
But I am not sure what I shall do with the repetativeness.
I made a remix last year where I introduced a new element, left something out or whatever all 8 bars last year and some people complained that it's not correct for trance since it usually is 16 bars per thing. Besides that I read many pages and they said Trance must be repetative to keep the awesomeness.
Let me know for the case you have some ideas.

Everyday [orchestral cover] Everyday [orchestral cover]

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I like the bit where it repeated the same segment.

Alright, I know the original song, it is a bit repetitive to begin with, but take these facts. You used a song that isn't yours, changed the piano to strings, and uploaded it. No effort, really. No attempt at making it unique or individual.
My advice, try to fix this up, make it different, you've just changed the song to strings, that is all you have done.
You know, I don't even think I can rate this properly, so I'll just give you a 4 for your string choices.


RawrMeowPrrr responds:

Actually, it is different from the original. The main strings that you hear, they are not in the original song. The only thing that is the same is the violin spiccato in the background. The melody for the spiccato is just the melody from the actual song. All the other strings are completely different.

On the floor(cover) On the floor(cover)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is becoming somewhat of a habit.

..reviewing, that is.

Alright, once again, not your melodies, so I'll have to critique other things. First lead sounds like a square lead, kinda generic, but I still like them.
I personally don't like the lead at 0:10, sounds overbearing and irritating. You might like it yourself, I don't. Two differencing opinions.
0:27 is random compared to the rest of the song, the two don't go well together. The little gaps in the beat are nice though. Bass sounds iffy though, needs to be a fuller bass.
Alright, incorporating previous elements of the piece at 0:50, its a good thing to do, albeit the fact that I dislike that particular synth.

A change to a saw running the main melody, can't critique the melody, once again. I personally don't like the melody though.
Err, lead seems overpowering compared to the backing beat, the bass is a bit plain too.

Ehh, nothing too new or too interesting here, the transitions still need a little bit of patching up and the beats need to be a little less, plain?
Psssh, well thats my review, I haven't said too much, but oh well. I cannot stress how important it is to actually make your own melodies once in a while though.


Botdog responds:

You mean you like the arp at the beginning. You have that also! It is called "Cube" in the vst plugin, styrus. It is free on FL Studio. I just gave to much bass on the EQ2, easy to fix. :P But what you mean the beats are plain??? Also the meaning "Cover" i s saying that I make it my own style. Remixing a song is saying, that you, change it completely. If I did change the melody it wouldn't be "on the floor" technically. But thanks for you review. =3

Endless summer(cover) Endless summer(cover)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Covers and remixes are all good fun, but you should still make your own melodies from time to time.

I can't technically review anything in terms of the melody as it is not yours. I think the intro kick needs to be turned down a little bit.
0:28 saw comes in randomly, maybe a little bit of a transition?

0:54 starts that generic dance pattern again. A little gaps here and there to prevent it from being too repetitive.

1:48 is good in the fact that you're merging previous sections of the songs together.

Nothing too new to be honest, the melody isn't yours so I can't even critique that. It's got a decent flow, just a few transitions need to be fixed up. And repetition is a little bit of an issue again.
Try adding variation, or just make your own melodies and variate with them.
Still, its nicely sounding, but it IS repetitive, it gets a wee bit boring after awhile.

Either way, keep it up.
You only get better with practice.


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Botdog responds:

Thanks. I only did this song to get some practice and get a nice feedback on improving. Do you know where I can get a lot of transitions and vocal effects?

Look at yourself Look at yourself

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Hey, I'm some kind of magical virus, all the songs I review are deleted!

Piano is a bit high pitched, needs some EQ'ing, or just to be turned down an octave.
Generic kick n bass part. Can't really say much, kinda bland. Gets repetitive.

Saw melody comes in, really loud to begin with. Bit overbearing.
Then it gets toned down. (is it being sidechained or something?)

Overall, it's a bit repetitive, bland to say it.
Piano needs eome fixing, and transitions are just a sweep. (Hell, we're all guilty of that at one stage.)

Still, I'm hoping you actually took some of that advice to heart before you deleted all your older tracks.
(6/10 for repetitiveness, general lack of interest.)


Syrebral - Brkn Agls (xKr Syrebral - Brkn Agls (xKr

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bloody brilliant.

Rather liking this piece here! A little bit "in your face", but its great, got some pretty neat sounds.

Can't really offer anything in terms of proper criticism, so yeah, great job!
Can't wait for the full version!


Spwee - Absolution Spwee - Absolution

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the rougher dubstep songs I've heard.

Nice little intro, its a weird (yet great) sound.
Loving the sudden transition into the dubstep parts.

I'm going to be generally useless here in terms of reviewing, just dishing out praise. Although, some of the high notes on the lead instrument need a bit of fixing.
I rather like the sound at 0:57, always loved the little short melodies in dubstep songs.

Oh well, I can't really find too many flaws. (there probably is some, no offense, but my ears are retarded.)

I like the roughness of the song though, it makes it stand out.

Still, great song! Keep up the good work man!
(9/10 because the main lead needs a bit of tweaking. - But I rated 5 because I'm a nice chap.)

Enjoy this useless review!


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Scratchmyballs responds:

Definitely not useless, It's helpful because you're pointing out things I may have not noticed myself.

Thanks for the review and for being such a "nice chap" ;D

xKore - Die Bitch! xKore - Die Bitch!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh good lordy.

This is freaking fantastic.
Great bassline man! Keep up the great work!


Acid Paradox - Glitchgrounds Acid Paradox - Glitchgrounds

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Did you win an award for this?

I rather like this one, its a nice little intro, nice and simple, really captures some kind of "robot" vibe. Then, all those little, glitchy sounds. Nice sounding (despite them obviously being glitches)
I don't like the FX at 0:45 though, it just seems a bit, random? I don't know, maybe a different one would have been better.
Then, an empty melody, its nice, but there isn't anything to accompany it. It seems plain.

Then at 1:07, Bam, all of a sudden, this awesome, techno-y song comes out of nowhere, bloody awesome. But I still feel it needs some kind of transition.
I love the use of volume faders though.

Ooh, I love the lyrics (despite there being none) just a bit of chopping up, but it sounds really good, nice work. Then a few (dubstep?) elements.
Alright, it's a really great piece. But it loses its "robot" feel that it had at the start. But eh, that's just my amateurish advice.
(9/10 because I feel like it lost the robot vibe a bit - but its still a great piece)

Great work man, definitely downloading this one.
Keep it up!


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Acid-Paradox responds:

The reason i didn't made a transtition for the empty melody was because i wanted to take the listener by "surprise" like if suddenly someone would grab their butt and scream to their ears in the middle of the night.

Same reaction

Well not really but thanks a lot for the review!!